About Besler

About Besler


Turkey's first privately-owned integrated meat combines were established with Bahri Beşler's vision of innovation and pioneering "firsts".


In 1965, Eminönü Köprüaltı and Kasımpaşa retail stores were opened. As a result of the increase in the demand of the people for meat products towards the end of the 1960s, "Istanbul Municipality Tanzim Beşler" sales stores were put into service in Beşiktaş and Eminönü with the cooperation of Istanbul Municipality...


While sausage and salami were sold by hanging on hooks, the first vacuum-sealed sausage and salami in Turkey went on sale under the Beşler brand. This great innovation was greatly welcomed by the consumer. In 1983, Beşler was again the first sausage brand to serve in Thrace.


Beşler started pastrami production in Mannheim, Germany.


Beşler started pastrami production in Mannheim, Germany


In 2014, it moved to its factory in Silivri, which is one of the world's and Europe's leading meat and meat products processing facilities, equipped with advanced technology and high hygiene standards, built on 40 thousand m2 of land with a closed area of 30 thousand m2. Beşler still continues to produce its delicious, high quality and healthy products in this unique facility. In 2015, it started to produce and sell healthy and hygienic fresh meat products in open and packaged form.


Investments were made in fresh meat and processed meat, and Bi' Lokma family was offered for sale in sliced products. Again breaking new ground, Wrap Meat Doner was introduced to consumers with the Bi' Öğün series.